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Radon Air System

Most radon mitigation systems are installed through the exterior of the home. These systems are sub-slab depressurization systems powered by a radon vent fan. These systems consist of several components:

  • The radon suction pipes are installed in the basement or crawlspace and enter the soil below it. These suction pipes are the point where the radon gas is collected from the soil under the home or building and pulled into the radon mitigation system.
  • The suction pipes continue up the foundation wall and through the rim joist to the exterior of the building.
  • A radon specific centrifugal exhaust fan is installed on the suction pipe to create a negative pressure within the system.
  • From the exhaust of the radon fan, a vent stack is installed to vent the radon gas to an elevation above the eave of the home or building.

Radon Water System

Aeration systems are the most effective at removing water radon before it enters the home through the supply lines to various plumbing fixtures. This is called point-of entry treatment. This system involves mixing the water with air to cause release of the radon gas, which is then vented to the outside. These systems can work in conjunction with the removal of other contaminants in water, which should be explained by the mitigator. A post-mitigation test will be conducted to insure the effectiveness of the system.


  • Smaller than your standard clothes washer, saving valuable floor space
  • Uses half the space of other brands


  • Extra insulated blower
  • A quiet submersible pump


  • Overflow relief valve protection if pump runs dry


  • Pipe in & out and plug it in


  • Assembly of components is simple
  • Allows for easy maintenance and service
  • NSF approved poly
  • Nickel plated fittings
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