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(With Mechanical Pump Control)

If you have no water and the Bubble Up pressure gauge reads 0, the Bubble Up Low Flow pressure switch (which turns the pump off in the event of low water flow) has tripped.

If the pump or blower on your unit is continuously running, un-plug the unit from the wall before trouble shooting the problem. If you need water in the house you can by-pass the unit and get water directly from your well.

The most common causes of low flow cutout tripping and their remedies are:

1 Power outage. When a power outage occurs and you continue to use the water the storage tank will draintripping the Low Flow Switch. When power is restored, see last paragraph.

2 Clogged pre-filter. If you have a cartridge or vu-flow filter ahead of your Bubble Up, clean or change it, it may be fouled with iron or sediments. Then put the system back on line and see last paragraph. If you have a backwashing filter, it may have become blocked with a burst of sediment, initiate a manual Backwash in attempt to restore flow. If successful proceed to last paragraph. If flow is not restored call Reliable Radon, LLC.

3 Low water volume from well. If you have been using a significant amount of water, watering your lawn, doing multiple loads of laundry etc. you may have temporarily reduced the available water from the well. This can result in the well pump delivering less water than the Bubble Up requires. Put the Bubble Up on bypass (and unplug) and give your well some time to recover, this typically takes a couple of hours. Put the system back on line and see last paragraph.

4 No water from well. There may be a malfunction of your well pump or its controls. Check your well pump’s pressure gauge, if it is at 0, and then call your well pump company. Put your entire water treatment system on bypass and unplug until any well work is completed and sediment is flushed out. Then put the system back on line and see last paragraph.

5. A malfunction of the Bubble Up controls. The problem could reside with the floats, solenoids or pressure switch of the Bubble Up. Call Reliable Radon, LLC for service.

Restart Instructions if plenty of water is now available for the unit:

Put the system in service (out of by-pass) and plug in. Wait until the blower stops running, and then restart the Bubble Up as follows: Locate the small metal lever that sticks out of the side of the Bubble Up pressure switch box (small gray or Black box with a nut on top, located on the pump control next to the pressure gauge) Lift the ‘L’ shaped wire lever up part way (450) until you hear the pump start. (You will feel some resistance.) Hold the lever in that position until the pressure on the Bubble Up pressure gauge reaches approximately 40 psi then release the lever. The pump should continue to build pressure and within a minute or two there should be water at the sink. If the pump starts then tops, you may have pulled the lever too far, try again. Pulling the lever to far will shut the pump off.

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